Yet as Bright and Magnificent, or Greater Still

12 Dec

“William was right after all; the comet Della C 1981 finally did return, a half century late(er), but as bright and magnificent as he had predicted.”  -Narrator, The Age of Adaline

Life’s dreams are often snuffed out after many years of failing to see the fruit of their predictions.  Work and watch as we may, our dreams often fail to produce in the timeframe we expected.  And it is at this point when many a weary soul lets go of their dreams.  Still some tenacious hearts press on, but many fail to see the full realization of the ideas and hopes and visions that once fueled their young fire.

Don’t. give. Up.

Let go of perfection.

Let go of the time frame.

Even if it takes 15 years or 50 years or 100 hundred more.  No one ever gained a thing by losing heart.  Though much is gained in letting go, perhaps.

I keep dreaming, hoping, praying, working, trusting.

“The joy of the Lord is [my] strength.” –Nehemiah 8:10

I pray that perhaps I will still have light in my eyes and quickness of step to walk into the Promised Land, and I will give my days to walk out the fullness of every promise and every freedom that God has given me to see it for myself and for my family.

The Lord has not left me, and He is not finished with me.

While it be yet late to others, it is always right on time to God.


4 Dec

What really drives me is the knowledge that God will use me.  Even when I am broken and even though I am imperfect, if I will allow Him, He will use me to cause change.  It can happen in just a smile at the grocery store cashier or just being there when someone’s world fell apart.  There are these moments, when just being present and breathing, we are given opportunities to step into someone else’s world and give them a hand up, heal a wound, or just listen – and sometimes the small gestures make the biggest difference.  It is the small gestures that have saved my life – mostly by people who don’t even remember doing that – and it is small gestures that have allowed me to do something meaningful for someone else.

So even on the days when life feels monotonous and my existence feels…well, small, I remember that I need only just keep trekking – because I never know when in my daily life, I may be given an opportunity to affect powerful change just be being me.

22 Sep

Finding yourself is not the greatest goal.  It’s not the be all, end all.

Finding yourself, discovering your value and who you are – is a journey to the heart of our Creator.  It is self-discovery, some, yes, but more allowing Him to purify you with fire, and to make you into exactly what He envisioned when He created you.

Finding yourself is about your relationship with Him, and then about being His vessel to reach the world.